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2/18 - 3/01

  May 10, 2019

8 Weeks

Paid Members

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Think you have what it takes to win the 1st Place $500.00 cash prize? The #225Challenge is the ultimate test of an athlete's strength, stamina and drive. NFL prospects are tested each year during the NFL Combine to see if they have what it takes to join the National Football League. Some of the top high school prospects will also be tested throughout the offseason during college showcases, camps and during visits. Using my proven training methods, some of the top high school and collegiate prospects (including myself) have increased their bench press in less than 8 weeks. Whether you are training for the NFL or just looking for a challenge, this is your chance to train like a pro and earn up to $750 in cash prizes.



CHAMPION - 1st Place


RUNNER-UP - 2nd Place


SECOND R.U. - 3rd Place


One week prior to the first workout, you should email a video of yourself performing the 225 bench press challenge using the email address listed on the challenge form. In addition, you must submit your name, account email and social media I.D.'s into the entry-form linked at the bottom of this page to enter the challenge. Include your full name, account email, Instagram I.D. and any other social media account ID's (for social media participation), and an optional "before" photo. You will receive a confirmation email within 5 days.

When you are ready to begin, you will login to access my Combine Prep training program through the My Workouts tab to complete each exercise for the next 8 weeks, and throughout the duration of the challenge! Each participant is expected to log in to their account weekly to view the suggested workouts and to log workout time. Post weekly updates, photos and videos on your social media pages for participation (which will be included in your overall score).


Use official hashtag: #225Challenge and tag @ericbeisel on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook so that we see your posts!


Your test-weight should be based on your projected max for bench press. We highly recommend you use the appropriate weight to complete this challenge. Even if your max increases through the duration of the challenge, you must use the same weight during your start-video and final-test video to remain eligible. Please use the chart below to find your test-weight:

Projected Max/Test-Wt:

<160 ———-> 95

160-210 ——> 135

210-260 ——> 185

>260 ———-> 225


The challenge is simple. Perform as many reps on the bench press as possible in a single set, with the weight provided. Participants' backs/butts must maintain contact with the bench during the entire set in accordance with the NFL Combine Rules. View our regulations to see more information on how our judges will score each rep. The goal of this challenge is to achieve as many reps as possible on the bench press with the appropriate weight. In 2018, Will Hernandez from Texas El-Paso recorded 37 reps at the NFL Combine (via Participants should warm up thoroughly prior to attempting this exercise and are encouraged to use the warm-ups and workouts provided.


You will be judged based on your overall improvements in bench-press repetitions, performance, and physique. Participants will also be judged based on your social media participation using Instagram and/or Twitter. Instagram and Twitter are free to join. To earn social media participation, you should post weekly updates including (but not limited to) photos and/or videos of (you) performing various exercises and techniques, weekly transformations and improvements, goals and objectives, liking/sharing and interacting with other participants, use of the official challenge hashtag, etc. 


Depending on your start date, participants may complete this challenge at different times. To maintain eligibility during this challenge, you must be a member through the duration of the challenge (8 weeks from your start date) and should not cancel or forfeit your paid membership for any reason. All participants must complete this challenge by May 10, 2019 (forms completed) to receive any cash prize money (USD).


To complete the challenge, record your final bench press during the 8th week of Combine Prep, complete the exit form and email your final-test video to the address provided in the exit form. Complete all required fields and email your final-test video on or before the Challenge End Date. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Winners will be judged, chosen and announced on May 13, 2019 live at ERICBEISEL.COM and on Instagram via @earnyourshake.



  1. Participants must submit their entry form and start-video by March 1st, 2019 to be enter the challenge.

  2. Check into your accounts weekly to log workouts, and be sure to post weekly videos and updates on your social media pages for participation points.

  3. While performing the bench press challenge, participants are expected to maintain contact with the bench at all times and lock out each rep. Complete as many reps as possible in one single set. Participants should warm up thoroughly before attempting this exercise and are encouraged to use the warm-up provided. Our judges will allow a slight bend in the elbow at the top of each rep. However, the angle of your arm position at the top of each rep should be equal to or greater than 150 degrees (180 degrees = completely locking out). We will use our full discretion to subtract incomplete reps.

  4. Video recordings SHOULD NOT be tampered with, edited, sped up, slowed down, or cut in any way. Videos SHOULD be filmed in one continuous shot, should CLEARLY show that your back is touching the bench at all times and that you are completing each rep as duly noted (above). Failure to do so may disqualify you from this challenge and all future ERICBEISEL.COM challenges.

  5. Participants must submit their exit form and final-test video by May 10th, 2019 to complete the challenge.


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