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Since 2019, more than 60 professional athletes have returned home to train right here in St. Louis, MO with performance coach Eric Beisel.


...That's more athletes than you can fit in an NFL locker-room.

And that's not all.

Eric Beisel and the Offseason Training program brings in millions of dollars to St. Louis in lodging, dining, entertainment, philanthropy and miscellaneous spending from hosting high profile athletes and celebrities. The company has received no economic stimulus, incentive or grants from the City of St. Louis and/or local businesses and is entirely funded by Eric Beisel and ERICBEISEL.COM, LLC. ERICBEISEL.COM, LLC companies like, VectorFPS and EarnYourShake directly benefit the St. Louis infrastructure and help raise money and resources for local schools and performance centers. To get involved, please message us below.

Let's see how we can help each other grow.