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Take a look into the thoughts that provoked a multi-million dollar fitness empire.

Eric Beisel shares his personal notes from the planning stages of the business to the first $1 million dollars earned, and beyond. 

Delivered to you weekly.

New posts ever Sunday

What to expect:

Essays, thoughts and ideas from my “notes” from the last 3 years and continuing into each day of my life…. Which helped drive me to create a 9+ business with very limited resources.


These thoughts will be about wealth, life, relationships, beliefs, politics, health, handling success and 


The power of thought and manifestation, combined with an obsessive work ethic and the ability to take action. These are my thoughts.


Whether they help you directly or they inspire thoughts of your own, these are the very raw, unfiltered and unwavering ideas from the minds of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time.


These might be 50-1000 word thoughts or as little as 5 words. The value is not in the volume, but in the content and the context. Sometimes less is more. I encourage you to think critically, as my word or no word except for the Bibles is law. Even the laws put on us by our own government, are manufactured. Question everything, even if you admire or respect the person transmitting the content you read, ESPECIALLY, if you idolize them. Everything you watch, read and listen to has the power to manifest your mind, and you should filter everything through your core, disposing of negative, outdated and jealous ideas and replacing them with positive, innovative and helpful ones.


Take these notes and create your own brand, business, strategy, or life, as these are the very thoughts that passed through my mind while I built not just 1 but several 1 billion dollar companies, experienced great relationships, and how I worked through and overcame drama and the many hurdles you will face in this journey.


These thoughts are unprovoked, direct from mind to text. They might offend you, or resonate with you. I do not care. I did not think about you when I wrote these down, allowing my mind to be free and without fear of judgement, impersonation or any effect it would have on anyone else. These thoughts are mine. And whether you agree with them or not, or how they make you feel, is not my problem at all.


$19.95/mo or $299/yr (will send you a note every week on Sundays at 10am, CT)


"Eric built an entire enterprise on creativity and wit, and has helped hundreds of thousands of people along the way. As his friend and business partner, he's a guy you just believe in because you never know what he is going to come up with next."

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