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Eric Beisel

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Eric Beisel became a tech sensation in 2019 after creating ProformApp, the industry leader in sports performance technology.

After being featured in St. Louis's 30 under 30 and stealing the show at St. Louis Tech Week in June of 2023, Eric successfully made the transition from industry leading performance coach to tech-giant millionaire with more than 1 million users and sports teams using his app. In 2024, Eric launched 3 other apps, all-whilst training some of the top pro athletes in the world.


Eric Beisel headlined St. Louis prestigious 30 under 30 and received a standing ovation for ProformApp at Tech Week in St. Louis

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Eric has trained some of the top athletes, celebrities, and fitness models in each of their respective industries including NFL athletes, NBA athletes, NHL athletes, movie stars, top-government officials, corporate elite and traveling models.

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Eric remains one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the country which allows him to privately fund his own companies. Many of his current and former clients have become board members in one or more of his companies.

Eric now teaches hundreds of trainers in St. Louis how to run a personal training business and offers a 10 week internship during his NFL Readiness Program in St. Louis MO from May to August.

He also launched VIP-STL, an Uber-like app for personal trainers to connect with elite-clientele, in July of 2023. VIP now hosts more than 60 personal trainers and has over 1000 members.


Client Spotlight:

Armon Watts, Chicago Bears

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For more information, Click Here.

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You Gotta...
Earn It 🥤

Support local high schools in St. Louis, Missouri with each purchase!


Prior to launching his business in 2017, Eric Beisel played football at the University of Missouri and was a captain in 2016. He led his team and coaching staff to their first SEC victories, breaking a 2 year SEC losing streak and was one of the top players in college football.


"Missouri linebacker Eric Beisel quickly became the star of SEC Media Days Wednesday when asked to discuss his infamous pregame comments prior to the Arkansas game. According to Beisel, he has no regrets..." (Full Story)

Eric Beisel now uses his platform to educate young athletes and help create opportunities for athletes to train at the highest level, not just in St. Louis, but all across the country.

Through VectorFPS, and the various resources he has made available to athletes and teams, he has been able to serve more than 1 million athletes world-wide.

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